LMB Fishing: Julian G is Doing Something Right

Julian G might look like an energetic, fun-loving kid, but this young man is definitely passionate about one thing, and that’s fishing. He recently teamed up with his longtime friend, Alan, who is just as enthusiastic about filming. This collaboration quickly evolved into their YouTube channel, LMB Fishing.

Most people their age would be content to slap a SnapChat filter on a random catch and call it a day, not these two. Being from South Florida, the fishing capital of the world, they know how they’ve been spoiled with both great freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Across local canals, ponds, and even the Florida Everglades, Julian and Alan document just how great this angler’s paradise is!

Fishing across Florida

The two have also filmed trips and catches they’ve made elsewhere in Florida in Orlando and as far north as the Suwannee River. They created LMB Fishing to review lures, inform fellow fishermen, and of course share their catches online. After all, pics or it didn’t happen, right?

Julian and Alan work together to put their individual ideas together to improve the content on their channel. Julian recently doubled down and took the Barbie fishing pole challenge and the Gummi Worm challenge at the same time. It didn’t land him any lunkers that day, but he’s determined to try again someday.