In South Florida, football is a way of life. There is a history of great athletes whose legacies have begun in South Florida particularly, let alone the entire state. Vladimir Santana is a homegrown talent determined to continue that enduring tradition. He had his sights set on attending NC State University to join their football program and be part of their Wolf Pack, but not everything goes as planned.

Despite this setback, Vladimir maintains a laser focus on his goal of eventually attending NC State with dedication.


Upon graduating from Ronald Reagan Sr High School, and not having NC State knocking on his door, he went back to doing what does best: putting in work. From the weight room to the field, working on his back paddling drills, this young cornerback and free safety has not stopped or slowed down. Vladimir will not sacrifice his future because the initial plan hasn’t worked as plan, it was time to adapt.

Unshaken, Vladimir is following the curve of the detour his college career has taken by pursuing a path many don’t because of the difficulty, a junior college.

He has chosen to attend Mt. San Jancinto College (MSJC), a junior college in Southern California to continue his path to the next level. Most athletes choose a junior college for two years to gather enough film and develop their skill level to try and gain a spot at a bigger college.


Dedication, Sacrifice, and Reception (DSR)

Overcoming the adversity of not being the ideal size and speed is one of the many obstacles he faces. Vladimir is now also playing at the collegiate level, so big colleges like NC State will be looking to see how athletes perform at this level. Having just two years to improve and grow, he knows that there is no time to waste and is very repetive to the changes and challenges to be made and surmounted.

His persevering attitude and dedication to his goal could serve as an inspiration to anyone, which is that if one is focused, the possibilities are endless. Keeping that in mind, we look forward to seeing Vladimir Santana running with the Wolfpack 2 years from now.