50th Annual Easter Surf Festival !

Come and join the DSR Team along with many other sponsors and athletes for the 50th Annual Easter Surf Festival in Cocoa Beach, FL. The festival will run from Friday, April 18th through Sunday, April 20th. At the festival you are guaranteed to see a variety of vendors displaying their product, apparel, food, drinks and much more! Witness firsthand the competitive surfing of today’s youth ; groms that compete world wide and local stars too! Hosting this event will be the legendary Dick Catri, the Godfather of surfing on the East Coast. Joining Mr. Catri will be John Griffin, an expert in putting on well run, fun and entertaining events!  Come to the DSR tents and get your hands on our apparel, have Boardstix artists  DaveL and Noah Cook draw something up on your board, meet Boardstix Rider ( Skim boarding )  Amber Torrealba, as well as getting to meet DSR Team Riders as well! Come get an autograph, hang with the team and share the stoke! Booker D Surfdog will also be in attendance, one of the worlds best surf dogs. Bring the entire family and enjoy a day at the beach!

Above: Dick Catri

Above: DaveL doin’ his thing

Above: Amber Torrealba ( left ) and the Boardstix Girls

DSR Team Rider: Hannah Blevins


Above: Boardstix Artist, Noah Cook

DSR Team Rider: Chase Elmore

DSR Team Rider: Julian Povilaitis. Waiting for his heat.

Join Us! The Gnarly Charley will also be in attendance!

From SC to NSB : Ben Wingate

World. Meet Ben Wingate. Surfing’s good humored grom. Go to any contest, and you can find Ben having the time of his life. Nothing seems to stop his optimistic approach. And although he often smiles, laughs and cracks jokes, believe us when we tell you he is extremely competitive in the water. In between heats, however, he’s just relaxing and not letting the pressures of competitive surfing affect his game. If you don’t know this young ripper from SC yet, sit back and enjoy the interview..

Name: Benjamin Ryan Wingate

Age: 10

Hometown: Pawleys Island, SC

Home Break: NSB ( New Smyrna Beach )

Favorite Surfer (s): Jordy, Julian, J.O.B & John John


Do you know how you got your name? My aunt Bethe

What made you paddle out for the first time? All of my friends surfed

What was your best moment while surfing? Winning my 1st contest

When do you like to do during flat days? Skate

Has the cold in SC hindered you from surfing as much? What has been the coldest weather you have ever surfed in? No, it’s better in the winter. I surfed in the snow once

In the Snow? Yikes! What was going through your head at that time? Nothing. It was too cold to think [ laughs]

What is surfing to you? It’s my life

What do you normally do after school? Check the waves.


We know you travel a lot from SC to FL. Where do you enjoy surfing the most? FL!..that’s why we moved here [ chuckles]

Ben, we have heard you are quite the gamer. What’s your favorite game to play right now? Skate 3

Last time we spoke we agreed to a match on Wii Bowling. You said you’re pretty good so we’ve been training heavily, bud. Joke’s on you – I’ve never played it

Haha ok ok, then I guess we will be more than ready when the day arrives! Ben, what’s one thing you have always wanted to do in life? ( it can be anything) Join the ASP world Tour.

Well, with your hard work there is no reason that you can’t! Any final words to add or anyone to thank? I’d like to thank my mom for taking me to the beach & to all of my contests. Also, Jamie Ridgewell for coaching me and my brother Jake for putting up with all of my surf videos & facts [ hahaha]